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How many days a week should I strength train? Are carbs actually bad for me? Is back squatting or front squatting better? The fitness industry is full of trends and many fitness programs often leave you with more questions than answers. You may think things like why am I not losing weight? Or why am I not getting stronger? Or is this exercise making my pain worse? My name is Mike Sirani and I'm a strength and conditioning coach and massage therapist based in New York's Capital District. I've worked with hundreds of clients and athletes aspiring to move, feel, look, and perform better. Like you, I've had to work hard for what I have. I was a collegiate baseball player, am a New England Record Holder in the deadlift, squat, and bench press, and have dealt with injuries and had to learn how to come back stronger than before. 

Read the blog, ask me questions, and learn how to navigate the mass amounts of information constantly thrown your way about exercise and what is best for your body.

Set GOALS, become an INFORMED consumer, and let me HELP you SUCCEED.




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