Monthly Newsletter- May 2018

Training Tip of the Month

"To make your rotator cuff training more effective you need to be sure that you're keeping the ball in a good position in the socket. Two simple ways to do that is to monitor your shoulder with your non-working hand and your elbow with your eyes."

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Capital District Sport and Fitness

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Capital District Sport and Fitness’ 3,000 square-foot training facility offers both semi-private, group training, and private training for athletes of all ages and ability levels—and anyone looking to look, feel, move, and perform better. Our comprehensive approach to training helps high school, college, and professional athletes perform at a high level and promotes a safe, long-term athletic development model for youth athletes.

How to Get Started

We’ll be opening our doors very soon in Round Lake, NY, but in the meantime, follow us at the links below to stay updated on our latest announcements, promotions, offers, and events:

And to take advantage of our Founding Members Discount or schedule your Free Strategy Session please email

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