Monthly Newsletter- March 2018

Training Tip of the Month

“Find a Training Environment that Supports Your Training Goals.”


In the field of psychology you’ll often hear the debate about nature vs. nurture. Is who you are today based more on your genetics or more on the environment you grew up in and the people you were around most?

Similar factors are also looked at when talking about a person’s success with an exercise program. Is it the programming that helped that person hit a deadlift PR or is it because of the environment she was training in?

The answer is both. Yes, sets, repetitions, and exercise selection matter for making the physiological adaptations needed to reach your goals, but sometimes the motivation, drive, and willingness to work hard, and work consistently to reach those goals will never come to fruition. To prevent this from happening it is wise to find a community of people and a training environment that will keep you motivated, driven, training consistently, and feeling positive about yourself!

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Capital District Sport and Fitness

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Capital District Sport and Fitness’ 3,000 square-foot training facility offers both semi-private, group training, and private training for athletes of all ages and ability levels—and anyone looking to look, feel, move, and perform better. Our comprehensive approach to training helps high school, college, and professional athletes perform at a high level and promotes a safe, long-term athletic development model for youth athletes.

How to Get Started

We’ll be opening our doors this spring in Round Lake, NY, but in the meantime, follow us at the links below to stay updated on our latest announcements, promotions, offers, and events:

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