What is Capital District Sport and Fitness?

It’s official. I’m moving back to Upstate New York and will be opening Capital District Sport and Fitness this spring. Creating CDSF has been many years in the works and is something I’ve envisioned since I first stepped into the weight room as a skinny high school freshman back in 2004. I truly believe the gym is one of the most powerful environments there is to promote change. What I used to think of as a place that exists solely to improve your aesthetics and strength now means much more to me.

I’ve seen the gym:

  • Allow athletes to prolong and elevate their careers.

  • Increase the confidence of those who lack it at school, work, or in social situations.

  • Empower people to stand up for themselves and start getting what they want out of life.

  • Show people they can do things they never imagined was possible.

  • Improve the quality of life for parents and grandparents, allowing them to play with their children and feel the way they want.

  • Provide people with a community that supports them to reach their goals, both inside and outside of the gym.

By spending the last eight years learning from the industry’s top coaches and physical therapists at different strength and conditioning facilities in Massachusetts, I realized growing up in Upstate New York has influenced me more than anything else in my life. It’s taught me about the importance of family, the power of community, and the understanding that you need to work hard for everything you want. For those reasons, I’m proud to be moving back to NY and bringing New York’s Capital Region industry leading:

  • Sports Performance Training,

  • Strength Training, and

  • Group Training

What Is Capital District Sport and Fitness?

Capital District Sport and Fitness is a facility filled with people who will support and educate you on how to take your game to the next level, get stronger, healthier, and achieve your fitness goals. We’re putting together a team of the best coaches in the area and are excited to provide New York’s Capital District with:

  • The area’s best sports performance programs

  • Quality coaching

  • An unparalleled training environment

  • A community to support you in your sports and fitness endeavors

  • Comprehensive movement assessments to help get you out of pain and begin training and feeling how you want

  • Education on how to train safely, move better, and efficiently reach your goals

The Location


We’re located just off of Exit 10 on the Northway at 21 Wood Road #100 Round Lake, NY 12151.

Right next to Deathwish Coffee. Deadlifts and coffee… Who doesn’t like that!

Who Are We For?

Capital District Sport and Fitness’ 3,000 square-foot training facility offers both semi-private, group training, and private training for athletes of all ages and ability levels—and anyone looking to look, feel, move, and perform better. Our comprehensive approach to training helps high school, college, and professional athletes perform at a high level and promotes a safe, long-term athletic development model for youth athletes.

How to Get Started

We’ll be opening our doors this spring, but in the meantime, follow us at the links below to stay updated on our latest announcements, promotions, offers, and events:

Please message Capital District Sport and Fitness with any questions you have, or feel free to reach out to me personally. I look forward to seeing you soon!