Monthly Exercise Success Tips- September 2017

Training Tip of the Month

“Use Paused Squats to Prevent Missing Your Squats at the Bottom.”

During heavy squats it is common to feel the most uncomfortable, weakest, and most prone to missing the lift when in the bottom position. Incorporating paused squats into your program is an excellent way to:

  • Develop better body awareness at the bottom position of a squat.

  • Learn to build better tension to drive out of the hole and rely less on passive restraints.

  • Train in a range of motion that is specific to where you’re weakest during the lift.


The above article from the NY Times shines light on the discussion that not all strength training is created equal. Despite the title that leads you to believe that the article will be anti-strength training, the article actually does an awesome job explaining that just going into the weight room and haphazardly lifting weights isn’t going to cut it anymore if you’re a serious athlete.

Below are a couple quotes from Noah Syndergaard, a pitcher for the New York Mets, which stood out to me:

  • “I was maybe too bulky & wiry, and not in the right areas.”

  • “But you have to be smart about it, I don’t think necessarily this off-season I lifted the smartest weights.”

  • “My form was off where my lower back was doing most of the work.”

Between the advances in strength and conditioning and physical therapy and the booming industry of analytics and data analysis in sport the days of just lifting weights without thought or effort on how or why you’re doing so are over.

Before you start your next strength and conditioning program realize that just because you’re lifting weights doesn’t mean that you’re getting better. Ask questions and analyze the program you’re about to begin to determine if the program:

  • Includes a movement assessment

  • Addresses your mobility deficits

  • Takes your past injuries into consideration

  • Places a premium on movement quality

  • Emphasizes perfect technique on all lifts

  • Respects that less is more

Client Highlight


For most of us strength training is a means of helping us accomplish our goals on the field, on the court, or in other areas of our life. Lisa is a runner. Actually an ultra-marathoner, this means that she runs fifty plus mile races. When training at such high volumes, it is wise to make sure that you’re doing all you can to mitigate overuse injuries. Lisa understands that and uses strength training as a way to keep her body in balance and stay healthy while training and competing for her endurance races.


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