Monthly Exercise Success Tips- June 2017

Training Tip of the Month

“Your recovery efforts must meet or surpass your training in order to continually make progress in the gym.”

What should you do if you’re having trouble balancing an exercise program and all of life’s other stressors? 

Our body’s response to stress is always the same — whether you’re in the midst of an intense workout, angry while sitting in traffic, or stressing about your job. The steady release of stress hormones overtime will leave you feeling tired, sore, anxious, and unhappy.

Learn how to better balance training and recovery by thinking of your body like a bank account.

Article Review

9 Common Myths About Exercise

Here’s another article from, titled 9 Common Myths About Exercise. It can be difficult to filter through what’s fact and what’s fiction when reading about health, fitness, and exercise. Having the ability to sort through what information is genuine and what claims are simply made as an attempt to sell and promote a product can be difficult without having a scientific background. In the chart below, I’ll analyze the claims made in Time’s 9 Common Myths, and then present myths I feel are holding many people back from being successful in the gym.

Client Highlight

Eric Anderson

Coaches need coaches too.

Eric is a strength and conditioning coach and gym owner in Thailand. I first met Eric when he lived in Boston, and we’ve stayed good friends since he packed up and moved to Southeast Asia. Check out what Eric has done to become a competitive lifter and pioneer for strength and conditioning in Thailand.

Eric has competed in powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and strongman. Eric has continually reached his fitness goals including:

  • Lifting technique

  • Decreasing shoulder pain and keeping shoulders healthy while training

  • Powerlifting prep.

  • Strongman training

  • Mass gain

Check out his gym, Moo Baa Strongman Gym!

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