Monthly Exercise Success Tips- January 2018

Training Tip of the Month

“When Conditioning or Doing Finishers Choose Exercises That Have Little Technical Challenge”

It is common for workouts to end with a conditioning segment or some type of high intensity interval training. Athletes tend to perform conditioning that will improve the energy systems that are pre-dominantly used in their sport. General fitness folks tend to perform circuits that burn more calories aiding in fat loss or perform some type of aerobic training aimed to improve their cardiovascular health.

Regardless of what camp you fall into high intensity interval training is fast paced and when done correctly is going to be performed in a state of fatigue. This state of fatigue is necessary to make the cardiovascular adaptations that will improve your performance, but exercising when fatigued comes with a cost. When you’re fatigued motor patterns will be more difficult to execute and it will be harder to keep perfect technique when doing an exercise.

Because of this it is smart to choose exercises that have little technical demand during high intensity interval training. Below are a few examples of exercises that allow you to elevate your heart rate, train in a state of fatigue, and minimize injury risk

Sled Push

Bike Sprint

Med Ball Slam

Med Ball Chest Pass


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