Monthly Exercise Success Tips- December 2017

Training Tip of the Month

“Use cluster sets to gain muscle, get stronger, and improve your technique.”

Cluster sets can be viewed as smaller sets within a set. Depending on how you structure your cluster sets they can be a great tool for putting on size, gaining strength, and improving your technique. For example, you can take an intermediate lifter who wants to improve his deadlift and instead of working at 4x5 you’d make the 5 reps a cluster and work at 4x(2,2,1). This will allow you to take brief rests in between each cluster and hit higher quality reps at a higher intensity. Below are three other ways to program cluster sets depending on your goals.

Bench Press Strength

Bench Press Strength.png

Increase Number of Bodyweight Pull-Ups


Muscle Gain/Increase Work Capacity

Muscle Gain:Capacity.png

Client Highlight


What happens when your athletic career is over? Have you lost your motivation to train? Has taking care of your body taken a backseat to other things in your life? Answering yes to the above questions is common, especially for former high school and college athletes who have left the athletic field and have entered the workforce.

This month’s highlight features Carl, a former collegiate track and field athlete who has learned to make strength training a consistent part of his life to not only move better, feel better, and get stronger, but to motivate him and give him more focus in excelling in his career.


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