Monthly Exercise Success Tips- November 2017

Training Tip of the Month

“You need to be training the multiple functions of your rotator cuff for optimal shoulder health.”

Rotator cuff injuries are far too common amongst recreational gym goers and athletes. Your rotator cuff is made up of four different muscles and has three major functions:

1. Externally rotate your shoulder

2. Internally rotate your shoulder

3. Keep the ball centered in the socket of your shoulder during dynamic movements

Learning how to train all three of these functions will help promote optimal shoulder function. Take a look at the three videos below and start incorporating these exercises into your training each week!

Shoulder External Rotation

Shoulder Internal Rotation

Ball-in-Socket Control

Client Highlight


Injuries from our past can sometimes come back to haunt us as we start new activities or exercise programs. This doesn’t mean these aches and pains should be something you live with or prevent you from doing what you want. Eric is a great example of someone who understood that he needed to make changes to his workout routine and learn better ways to move his body to allow him to get back on the golf course consistently and continue improving his game.


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